We met each other in January 2006 and since then discovered we share a love for traveling and are both are curious about learning and experiencing new things. Two years ago we decided that we would really test how much we loved these characteristics about ourselves and began preparing for a journey that would take us to new places where we would learn about different peoples, cultures, the way they live, and what they eat. We are super excited to actually be able to live out this dream and hope that you can follow us as we journey across the continents.

Marcelo ’75 – Brazil
Jason ’74 – USA

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  1. sara says:

    marcelo!! i am so, so happy for you! (love the pic….you look so happy!) all the best as you make discoveries about the world around you… and about yourself.

    jason- i have never met you but i have a feeling i will get to know you as i follow your blog!

    cuidense! abrazos!

  2. Cristina Rosado says:

    I am very happy for you guys!!!! Marcelo, I wish you the best in your new venture. You know you always be my Papi Ricky ( you know for Ricky Martin). And, I also told you he was good looking!!!! I still remember the picture that you brought from Brazil, in which he was facing the ocean or beach, and I could only see his back. I have never forgot about that picture for some weird reason. I miss you so much, but at the same time I am happy for you, enjoy.

    Cristina Rosado

    • itinerantfling says:

      CRISTINA, so happy to hear from you. Glad you are following as well.
      Hope all is well with you and your family.

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