So it begins!!!!!

Today is our last day in the US. We have been in the arid and burning hot lands of Texas for the past days visiting Jason’s family and friends. New Braufels, Austin and San Antonio were on the itinerary with a visit to Jason’s old stomping ground, the waterpark – Shlitterbahn. Marcelo’s Friends, Braulio & Will, came to visit.

Yesterday was time to pack our stuff. Some of you were very interested to know what we are packing for this 10 month trip. So here you have some pictures of what we are taking with us.

Today we were supposed to have a really crazy flight. Leaving San Antonio in the morning to Denver, getting on another flight to Houston and finally another connection to our final destination: San Jose – Costa Rica. People at Continental were very nice to change our flight direct to Houston instead of going through Denver.


The waterpark

Jason, Marceo (swallowed by the tube), Will and Braulio

Going down the tube chute

Lunch with Gwen and Sherry (Jason's mom and sister)



Jason's clothes

Marcelo's clothes

Look at the deer in front of the yard in San Antonio

Ready to go?




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10 Responses to So it begins!!!!!

  1. Iusta says:

    Consigo pensar em poucas coisas melhores do que isso que vcs estão fazendo. Que seja maravilhoso. Boa sorte!

  2. Justin says:

    Safe journey my friends – enjoy every minute of the adventure. Also, I can’t figure out what is in the picture below the Crew styling product. I’ve narrowed it down to an individually wrapped Whoopie Pie or The Sponge.

  3. Alvaro says:


    You took too many beauty products!!! After a couple of months you will realize you only use 2 or 3….(unless you go to a gaypride or any other gay festival).
    Wish you the best in your adventure!


  4. Ricardo says:

    Guys, have a blast!!

  5. Huauhauhua!!! Safe Trip, Enjoy and P.A.R.T.....Y? 'Cause You love it! says:

    Grandes amigos! Boa viagem! Boas curtições do e sobre o mundo. Estaremos aqui: eu, Aninha e família curtindo de longe e esperando a chegada de vocês! Abraços, beijos e hugs aos dois!

  6. itinerantfling says:

    Thank you Iusta. I was thinking about you the other day. I can’t wait to see you and the little ones when I get in Fortaleza.
    Justin, I think you mean the pumice stone, right?
    Alvaro, Jason thinks he is at home and that he will go to a gay party every night. I, on the other hand, brought too many electronics. Love them. We will manage, but thank you for your tip.
    Alex e Aninha. A gente vai se falando. E prepara o feijao e as cervejas pr Dezembro. hehehe


  7. Sashi says:

    Marcelo e Jason, PUTA QUE O PARIU!!! To morrendo de inveja aqui!!! Marcelo, eu ia dizer pra voces aproveitarem, mas acho que nao preciso falar isso nao! haha.

    Se pararem pelo Hawaii antes de junho 2012, ficam la’ em casa. Maio-Julho na Belgica ou, se estiverem pela Nova Zelandia ou Australia apos julho 2012, ficam la’ com a gente!!!

    Show de bola!!!

  8. Kelly Leung says:

    Hello!!! It was nice meeting you guys! That rapelling trip was one of our most memorable. So jealous of you two, Peter has been salivating over the idea of taking a huge chunk of time off to travel ever since. Be safe, have fun, and take lots of pictures.

  9. já vi o roteiro de viagem e comecei a ler.

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