Fernando De Noronha

Can you the Brazil made from the rock?

Now we are back on he road again, but this time we are driving. Our first leg from Fortaleza to Recife, click here to see our route, took around 10 hours. We spent the night in Recife and flew the next morning to Fernando De Noronha (FDN), click here to see a map.

FDN's version of the Bay of Pigs with the "two brothers" in the back

FDN is an archipelago of 21 islands about 540km from Recife. All the islands make up a National Park and only the largest island is inhabited with approximately 4000 residents. Supposedly only around 700 can fly to the island on any given day, keeping the foot traffic to a minimum for conservation purposes. I’m not sure how cruise lines are able to come on to the island, but there was one docked for two days while we were here and you could definitely see the number of people on the island increase on the tours.

Dolphins following our boat tour

Praia do Sueste

Praia Cachorro

Theses Lizards were Everywhere!

The reason people come here is to experience some sort of paradise. Although we visited during the dry season, this didn’t keep us from experiencing some amazing beaches and snorkeling. The water is crystal clear and ranges from turquoise to deep blue. I think the waters around the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico appear more crystal blue but it’s due to the sand there being whiter than in FDN. The marine life here is incredible. We saw dolphins, sharks, turtles, rays, and hundreds of species of fish. The amazing thing is some of these fish had no fear. They would come right up and swim next to you, sometimes even play with you. All of this was incredible experience but there is another part to this island.

The "two brothers" in the evening

Praia Cacimba do Padre

Take a bite out of the moon

It’s EXTREMELY expensive, Ridiculous in fact! Lodging and food are very simple but are overpriced. You even get charged a fee for staying in a national park and the fee grows every day you stay. You almost feel you are getting ripped off every time you pay money, but then you realize how hard it is to get everything on the island. Everything has to be shipped here and it’s not in great quantity, so there’s no economies of scale at work. Marcelo chose not to dive because one dive is the equivalent of our daily budget.

It’s really unfortunate it is so expensive you really would like everyone to experience it what this park has to offer. Take a look at some of our


of the place

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