Why Mexico has been the BEST thus far

Chichen Itza

Mexico is diverse country with a history dating back thousands of years. Evidence of this exist in towns all over the country with numerous sites where ruins are visible today. We got to experience Teotihucan, Monte Alban, Mitla, Chichen Itza and even some ruins in downtown Mexico City. All were impressive but in differing ways.  Still talking about architecture, one can appreciate the Spanish influence in many of the colonial towns and the nice colorful buildings that adorn the country.

We were also very happy to see Mexican art in so many different ways. The country is artistically so rich that sometimes is hard to absorb so much.   First the markets with ceramics, wood carved objects, silver jewelry, textiles and an array of other small things that make you dizzy. Then you have the music on the streets, the mariachi and the sound of the people trying to sell you something to make a buck. Along with it there is the food, and we promised that we are going to talk about it on the next blog post. Finally in Mexico City is the city in Latin America that has more art on the streets that I’ve ever seen from statues, drawings and other types of art, all to the public.

Going somewhat with art, we had an opportunity to go out in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Playa del Carmen. And I learned that mexicans LOOOOVE to PARTY!!! They like to hang out and talk, dance and spend long hours doing that. It reminded me a lot a people in South America that has a 5 day party called Carnaval.

Montanhas num vale em Oaxaca

Then, you have the geographic aspect. First is a huge country, ranks 14th in size on the planet. Also has two oceans bathing each coast and an impressive mountain chain splitting the country in two and a large rain forest that we didn’t even get to see – YET.  The clear waters and diverse wildlife of the Caribbean blue coast is still in our memories.

Economically speaking, it is clear to see that the country is the richest we’ve seen so far. Nice roads, modern buildings, most of the places were very clean and in some places the touristic infrastructure sometimes makes you wonder if you are in the US or Europe. But you can still see a lot of poverty in all cities and old cars on the road. The clear dichotomy of all Latin America. Their currency is called Pesos and US$ 1 while we were there was worth around 13 pesos. A local beer cost between US$ 1.7 to 2.3.

The weather was great for us, but avoid going to Mexico during the hurricane season from July to November.  Because of the elevation, some of the cities are quite cool at night, but the month of May seems to be the warmest of the year. You cannot forget the country lies under an important earthquake area as well.

But the most impressive characteristic we had from the country is not inherent to the land itself it’s about the people. And if we can express in only one word that would be: kindness. It’s hard to write about this marvelous aspect, because it would be better for you to feel it. It doesn’t matter if you are in a restaurant in Mexico City, asking for directions in Oaxaca, in a club or bar in Puerto Vallarta, in a local house in Guadalajara or in a hotel in Playa del Carmen. Everybody comes to you with a big smile and they would like to know more about you and what you think about their homeland. They treat you so nice that sometimes you can feel a little embarrassed.

Nossos primeiros anfitriões no Mexico

With mountains, millenary ruins, gigantic markets, incredible food, the best hosts we’ve had so far, ocean crystal clear waters, amazing wildlife right at the shore, colonial towns spread out all over, a rich and diverse culture in every corner, the distinct geographic characteristics and everything at a very good price makes Mexico the best destination we have been and makes us think that it will be very hard to beat.


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