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Born to Surf

As soon as we cross the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, the difference betwen the two countries was in your face. Cars are extremally old, buses they use are school buses from the 50’s, houses are shacks that are … Continue reading

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Quien eres tu, Costa Rica?

So, our trip to Costa Rica has ended a few days ago and now is time to process our thoughts about this country. As soon as we left the airport I could see something different; the cab driver was speaking … Continue reading

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Adrenaline and Nature

Since we haven’t blogged as much as we have liked, this post is LONG. Apologies up front for this and we promise to shorten up the text in the future.  If you care to skip over the text of the … Continue reading

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Pura Vida

This phrase which is said by nearly every native Costa Rican and can be said in virtually every situation (greetings, salutations, a thank you, your welcome, life is great, the sky is blue), you name the situation, Costa Ricans can … Continue reading

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So it begins!!!!!

Today is our last day in the US. We have been in the arid and burning hot lands of Texas for the past days visiting Jason’s family and friends. New Braufels, Austin and San Antonio were on the itinerary with … Continue reading

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