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Project IF

Imagine that one day you woke up and suddenly you don’t have work, you don’t live in your house anymore, your car is gone and you are only left with a backpack, some money and the person you love.

This could be a nightmare for a lot of people, but for us is a planned adventure. Something we have been brewing for almost 2 years.

Now everything is ready, we have no work, the house is rented, the car is sold, all the stuff we have is stored in a safe place and we are ready to ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!

The idea is not only get to know places, but also people. To get a taste of delicious food and the unknown cultures around the planet. To dance sounds we never heard before. To be exposed to experiences only natives can see. To observe closely what men and women made around us. To communicate with the universal language of gestures. To appreciate how different communities deal with the weather, the economic and the political power, the geography and how much they respect their history.

And why are we doing this? Because we love adventure, we love the unknown, we love uncertainty. Because this is our world and is full of beauty to be seen and is out there waiting for us. So for us,  it’s time to get out of the couch and experience other places, cultures and peoples. This is happening because we have a fling for adventure, we have a our Itinerary Fling.

Now you have the Itinerary Fling (IF) as well, or as we call: the Project IF

IF one day…

This day is NOW.

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  1. Clyce Louise Wiederhecker says:

    Olá Marcelo,
    sou amiga da tia Teté, e conheci vc. criança, quando fomos à Fortaleza, há +- 30 anos… outro dia, melhor dizendo. Tercia me falou sobre o projeto de vcs. e eu me interessei em acompanhá-los pelo mundo..
    Que esse mundo os receba com carinho! Bjos, Clyce

  2. Larry Patrick says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share the pictures and comments with us. It means the world to me to see what you are experiencing. As always, stay safe and know I love you son.

  3. john says:

    Looks awesome great pics!! Wish we were there !
    J & J

  4. Keith Widgington says:

    Glad to know you’re having a wondeerful time thus far. Glad to be a part of it even if from my couch. 🙂

  5. Ryan says:

    I love the pics!!! You guys look like you’re having an amazing time!!! I wish I was there!!!

  6. Angelica says:

    Oi, maxito! Onde vcs estão hj? Estarei em fortaleza no dia 29/10. Quem sabe nos emcontramos… Boa viagem! Bjos.

    • itinerantfling says:


      ainda nao vou ta em Fortaleza nessa epoca, mas estarei no natal e reveillon. Tu vai ta por la nessa epoca?

    • Armando says:

      Hola amigos como les va? Nosotros Luis y yo apenas estamos llegando a nuestras casas en mexico y empezaremos a retomar nuestras vidas hey es magnifico ke Uds. Dos continúen con su aventura y pies ojalá y podamos estR en contacto éxito y mucha suerte

  7. Drayton says:

    Salvador já aguarda a visita.
    Até breve,

  8. Angelica says:

    Sim, estarei lá no Natal! Estou amando viajar c vcs! Bjo gde.

  9. Edvilson Corujito says:

    Oi, amigo. Tou aqui em Floripa com o Leonardo. Volto amanha pra Maceio. Nem pense em passar aqui e nao nos vermos. Beijos nos dois.

  10. Diego Rendon says:

    Thats amazing amigo!! Big hug

  11. adalberto says:

    Mano querido, que massa a aventura de vcs. Bom demais ter noticias suas. Ate o final do ano aqui por Fosrtaleza. Abracao.

  12. Joao Lima says:

    I am really amazed with this project! I’ve done this once… one whole year!!!
    Just looking at your pictures and reading the stories brought me back to the time I spent away and gave more power to start planning such a thing again!
    I am going to be in Fortaleza between 24th of December and 10th of January! R U guys gonna be there? Hope we can meet! What about Noronha? Lívia is waiting for you there!!!
    Grande beijo nos dois!

    • itinerantfling says:

      Joaozinho vamos estar em Fortaleza a partir do dia 10 de dezembro e vamos ficar o resto de Janeiro todinho por la.

      Que massa que vamos nos encontrar.

      Quanto a Noronha,e stamos indo sim. Ja esta tudo certo. To tem mandando um email separado pra ver essa historia.

      bjao grande

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